The plain

The Campidano Plain goes from the Cagliari to Oristano. The landscapes are characterized by the cultivation of wheat, artichokes, vegetables, and saffron: for this reason Campidano is called as the “Green Province”.

The olive tree is one of the most common tree crops, and centers like Gonnosfanadiga, Villacidro, Turri: towns which have an important role in the production of olives and extra-virgin oils of the highest quality. Agricultural crops such as tomatoes, asparagus and artichokes above are prevalent in Campidano.

In addition, the province of Middle Campidano is the italian leader in the production of Saffron thanks to San Gavino Monreale, Turri and Villanovaforru.

The most important culinary products are “Su Civraxiu”, soft bread with a crispy crust (produced in Sanluri), desserts with almond paste and those filled with cheese.